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Following the CORONA pandemic COVID19 virus, a small group created the “Péron Solidaire” Facebook page to help the Péronnaise population with the Town Hall to help and support the people who need it most, in their daily lives (shopping, pharmacy, etc.)


Following this initiative and with a Doctor collaboration, the association with same name "PERON SOLIDAIRE" has just been created in order to PROTECT US, and to PROTECT the other people of COVID19.

We are looking for volunteers for this adventure, which consists of creating a maximum of masks with strict hygiene standards, in premises graciously loaned by the Town Hall in order to be distributed to the population.

We greatly need the help of the Péronnais to create teams for the manufacture of these masks.


Before accessing the premises for creating these masks, a complete DISINFECTION process is put in place. In addition to the process, compulsory equipment will be provided by the association

· Disinfectant

Blouse, charlotte



We need people to:

· Tissue cutting

· Sewing

· Quality control, packaging


Come in large numbers to participate in this human adventure !!!


A rewarding adventure ...

Our mission

Protect yourself and Protect others ..

Notre mission

Our vision

Make a maximum of masks with the help of all, to protect us ...

We need you !

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